Migrated to Hugo

Goodbye WordPress

I migrated from WordPress to Hugo, a fast, static site framework. Well, actually it’s a “started from scratch” rather than “migrated” because literally, nothing here is from my old WP site. The reason for this migration is simple: For Hugo, I can use markdown to write my posts and backup the whole site easily using Git. WP is powerful, it has tons of themes/plugins, actively supported by a big community. But all my WP posts are stored in a MySQL database, which is an overkill for my use cases and its backup is painful. More importantly, I’ve forgotten every detail about how I configured it. This means if any accident happens, like if I screwed up updating WP or MySQL, then I lost everything. Considering my limited budget for maintaining the websites, it’s a good idea to switch to a simple yet more fault-tolerant framework. Hopefully, I can write down more stuff here.

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